How should I take this medicine?

Dilute the drops in a very small amount of water, or fruit juice. It is better to take the medicine before meals on an empty stomach. It is advised to keep the drops a few moments in the mouth before swallowing them. These essences can also be taken by inhalation in warm water. Creams are available for skin conditions and sprays can also be applied to work at the energy level.

Will this natural medicine interfere with my doctor’s prescription?

It works hand in hand with any other remedies and will not interfere with the doctor’s prescription or any alternative treatments. Always leave 20 minutes between taking different medicines.

What sort of reactions should I expect?

It is possible (but not always) to observe an exacerbation of symptoms in the few days after the beginning of the treatment, a skin reaction or an increase of pain. This so-called therapeutic aggravation is a sign that the medication is well chosen. In case of strong reactions, stop the treatment for a few days until there are no such reactions, and re-start with only one drop and increase by one drop, up to the maximum dosage on the label.

Dosage is individual and what seems appropriate for one person may not suit another. Listen to your body. Some people may prefer less than the maximum dosage.

Please note that reactions may also be due to the fact that the person taking this natural medicine has an underlying serious health problem. In this case, consider taking Spagyric only as an accompanying treatment, never discard your doctor’s prescription and start with only one drop per day and increase slowly the dosage.

It is OK to drink tea/ coffee/ alcohol? Is it necessary to avoid mint?

There are no known interactions between these beverages and Spagyric drops, but moderate consumption is recommended. Mint may be consumed, but not simultaneously with the Spagyric drops.

How should I store the medicine?

Spagyric drops are delivered in pharmaceutical quality vials, which protect them from light. There is no need to store them in a refrigerated place.

Natural preparations may change slightly after several months, a small deposit may appear, but it does not alter the quality of the preparation. In this case, shake the bottle before use.

How long before improvements are normally noticed?

It depends on the case. Acute ailments (flu, indigestion, minor traumas …) are relived quite quickly. For a chronic problem, and even more as Spagyric is a holistic therapy that goes to the root cause of the condition and treats the human being body, soul and spirit at the same time, it is understandable that the healing path is longer. Spagyric medicine enables the restoration of bodily functions and boosts self-healing processes.

How long should they be taken for?

Each treatment is individual and will match the problem. Always follow the prescribed dosage. Depending on the case, Spagyric drops may give quick results for simple ailments or require several months of treatment if the patient has a chronic illness deeply rooted in the past- e.g. severe headaches that have occurred for years. The treatment will need to be constantly updated depending on the evolution of the symptoms.

To regularise a body function (digestion, feminine cycle), to better a condition such as asthma, skin problems or to increase immunity, a minimum of two months of treatment is advised. It is strongly recommended to continue taking the drops for a while. After improvement, it is very important to lower the dosage little by little to strengthen the results. You may also contact us if you want to continue the treatment with a personalised blend.

Are the remedies safe to take in pregnancy and when breastfeeding?

Spagyric remedies a totally non toxic, thus quite suitable to treat pregnant and breastfeeding women. Many combinations are available to deal with common complaints during pregnancy and to boost the energy and well-being of a young mother stressed out by the demands of a newborn baby.

Can they be used for babies and young children?

For the same reason as above, no toxicity, Spagyric medicine is especially recommended for children – and is also especially effective: children are much more receptive to energetic therapies than adults polluted by unhealthy life-styles; results are generally also obtained much quicker.

Many combinations deal with issues for which traditional medicine does not offer satisfying solutions: emotional problems related to school, parents divorcing, hyperactive or indigo children for example.

What are the differences between Spagyric medicine and homeopathy or herbal medicine?

Herbal remedies are used to treat many physical ailments. Some plants may contain toxic active components and should be used only under the proper supervision of professionals. Spagyric essences are also made with plants, but the specific preparation process that leads from the plant to the essence allows getting rid of all toxic components (for details, see section on Spagyric medicine)

Spagyric essences constitute above all a whole energetic medicine, and as such may be compared with homeopathy. However, Homeopathy enhances the potential of the remedy by successive dilutions and vigorous shaking of the remedy; in Spagyric, the strength of the remedy is increased though the specific preparation process, and not by dilutions.

I have a number of patients who question the fact that Spagyric essences contain alcohol and also ask if they are suitable for vegetarians?

All Spagyric essences from Phylak are made of plant materials. The preparation process allows to recover all beneficial elements of the plant (mineral salts & trace elements, water, essential oils, the energy of the plant) and produces a tiny amount of alcohol, less than the mother tincture in homeopathy. 20 drops taken 3 times daily amount only to the quantity of alcohol generated by the digestion of half an apple…

If someone is not interested to take the remedy orally, it can be taken by spray, used in bath, in a cream or applied on the forehead.

Spagyric essences being made with plant material, they are of course suitable for vegetarians and vegans.