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Some PHYLAK SPAGYRIC ready-made combinations for minor health complaints
– Gentle Healing of Body and Mind

With all the stress and violence in the world today, isn’t it time you started to treat yourself more gently?

There is now a way to help yourself feel better without strong drugs and harsh treatments.

Spagyric natural medicine gently heals your illness or pain while soothing the emotional or psychic reason behind your symptoms. It brings together the mind, soul and body using combinations of plants in specific formulas.

The following PHYLAK Spagyric combinations are designed to alleviate symptoms of the most common health minor complaints whilst offering serenity and peace of mind. They provide a successful and gentle alternative to many over-the-counter drugs.

Please refer to the “Index” section, for more conditions that Spagyric essences can support.

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Ask your practitioners about these products.
Information is given here as examples explaining how Spagyric essences enhance their mutual properties.
However, some practitioners using Spagyric essences often prescribe a tailor made Spagyric combination for a specific case, as each patient is unique.

Spagyric medicine is made under strict quality and pharmaceutical control in licensed laboratories and to the same standards of safety as modern drugs. It can be taken even if the patient is using other medicines, including allopathic. These natural essences have no known side effects and all toxic elements are eliminated during the processing of the plant, which is based both on ancient alchemy wisdom and on modern scientific knowledge.

Allergy relief

Allergies are hypersensitivity reactions of the body to an irritating substance. The tissues respond in an abnormal way. These abnormal reactions are mainly expressed in the skin and mucous membranes. There are many types of allergies, but the most common include: respiratory allergies (hay fever, asthma), food allergies (peanuts, dairy foods…), contact allergies (contact eczema, dermatitis) and insect bites allergies.

The ALLERGY RELIEF combination of the PHYLAK Spagyric range includes many anti-inflammatory essences, such as Cardiospermum who has been labelled “vegetable cortisone”. Nettle, well-known for soothing insect bites and relieving asthma conditions, reinforces the anti-inflammatory power of Cardiospermum. Other plants, among them English Yew, support the elimination of allergens and are helpful to allergy sufferers.


Many essences such as Wild Yam and Ginkgo are useful in ensnaring the free radicals that damage body cells. Wild Yam balances also harmoniously the hormonal system and Ginkgo boosts circulation. Daisy and other essences help in maintaining a beautiful skin. The combination favours a general well-being and may be used alternatively with our CONVALESCENCE, WELL- BEING combination, which boosts energy levels.

Beautiful hair, strong nails

Many conditions impair hair growth: pregnancy and nursing, menopause, debilitating or severe illnesses, drugs… Some inadequate handling of hair products/tinctures damage hair as well, not to mention the cleaning products that weaken nails. Our combination includes many plants renowned for their specific action on hair and nail growth, such as Horsetail, a re-mineralising essence and specific help in case of frail and easily breaking hair and nails. Hand in hand with Horsetail works Rosemary, rich in Silica and boosting the microcirculation in the scalp. Comfrey is also included for its regeneration power on cells and its high content in potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron and boron. Its is advised to take this combination twice a year, at season changes, spring and autumn, to maintain healthy hair and nails or whenever needed in case of specific circumstances (severe ailments, lengthy treatments with drugs impairing hair and nail growth functions).

Circulation: heavy legs, varicose veins, night cramps, hemorrhoids

This combination is very useful to relieve all symptoms associated with circulatory disorders and venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. Poor leg circulation can easily produce tired legs: blood stagnates in the veins. They dilate and cause calves and ankles to swell. The main reasons for tired legs are: heat, long periods of standing, pregnancy, obesity, improper diet, some contraceptive pills…This combination reduces pains, swelling, night cramps, and all manifestations of venous circulatory disorders and helps in case of haemorrhoids, thanks to its major essence, Horse Chestnut, which increases the resistance of the capillaries and decreases their permeability, reduces oedemas and improves venous circulation. Another interesting essence in this indication is Juniper for its draining action on the circulatory system, diuretic effect and its excellent effectiveness against oedemas. This formula may also be recommended during pregnancy when many treatments are counter-indicated, as Spagyric essences are totally non toxic and harmless for mother and baby.

Convalescence, well-being

Many circumstances in life lead to fatigue, tiredness and lack of energy. Eleutherococcus, nicknamed “Siberian Ginseng”, comes to the rescue with its adaptogene properties, giving mental and physical strength and boosting immunity. Other plants sustain good digestion function to facilitate the assimilation of nutrients. With several other plants to reinforce its healing power, Common Oats, rich in minerals is used here for its soothing and strengthening effect on the nervous system. A bonus is that this plant is said to be aphrodisiac. This combination helps exhausted people regaining strength and energy.

Detox, slimming

Many plants in this combination assist weight reducing diets: St Mary’s Thistle and Artichoke sustain liver function; Juniper encourages the elimination of waste by stimulating the kidneys. Okoubaka, the African root well-known for its detoxifying properties, specific plant assuring good bowel transit and preventing constipation, is also the remedy of the 21st Century man, intoxicated by unhealthy nutrition: fast-food, diets too caloric, too rich in sugar and fats. Sage is a good addition to this combination, as it acts specifically against cellulites (lipolytic). However, no weight loss reduction program is effective only by taking “magic” drops; taking this combination must be sustained by life-style changes. The good news it that Okoubaka, acting on the energetic level, helps the person understanding the process and makes him/her more conscious of nutrition. It is certainly the key essence in this combination. The treatment should last at least 2 months; it may last longer if necessary and be repeated at will, as there is no toxicity and no side effects. Weight loss is slow, but regular and there is no yoyo effect, no regaining of kilos subsequently to the treatment, providing the person keeps healthy food habits.


In our modern society, digestive upsets are unfortunately the rule. Many people complain of stomach or intestinal problems; constipation is frequent. Food is abundant, but people don’t take enough time to eat, resorting to fast-food and nibbling. Our usual over-rich diet is in fact a poor diet nutritionally speaking and is certainly the major cause of digestive problems. Among other plants, this combination contains Dandelion, a tonic for liver and bowel and Garden Angelica, which helps digestive functions and prevents digestive spasms. The addition of Blue Flag allows regulating liver and intestine functions, promoting biliary secretion, and preventing heartburn, a very common condition associated to our modern diet and worsened by the stress experienced by most people.

Immunity, recurring ear, throat and nose infections

Poor nutrition and stress take their toll: many people suffer from low immunity, the cause of endless colds or minor ear, throat and nose infections, contributing to the lack of energy and general feeling of unease experienced by many, especially during the winter months. Lots of children suffer from these infections all year long. Antibiotics are frequently prescribed, leading in some cases to a further impairing of the immunity. Absenteeism from school prejudices schooling, and absenteeism from work cost millions. This combination contains many essences boosting the immune system and making the body more resistant to infection, one of them is Propolis, a remedy active on all infections (bacteria, viruses, fungus) and very useful in case of chronic ailments. Another one is Echinacea, a specific plant to boost the immunity.

Taking this formula is also recommended in the case of flu epidemics. We do not make false promises: it does not ensure you won’t become ill, but the illness will be milder and shorter, as this combination speeds recovery and prevent bacterial secondary infections so common in people with poor immune functions and leading to more severe ailments such as sinusitis, bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases. A two months treatment is recommended, longer if necessary and may be repeated several times a year.

Memory, concentration

Memory problems are common as the years pass by. This combination helps maintaining good brain functionality by stimulating the brain circulation with essences as Ginkgo and Arnica, a good remedy for the capillaries, working in synergy with Ginkgo. It is a good combination for elderly people and useful to anyone experiencing memory troubles. It is a well-know fact that the decrease of cognitive functioning, including memory, can begin from as early as the mid-thirties and is greatly affected by genetics, stress and other health-related factors such as diet, exercise and lifestyle. This combination helps slowing down the situation and together with healthy life style and diet improves brain functionality. Children also benefit from this remedy, as it increases their ability to learn, to remember what was seen and heard. It enhances memory and improves concentration thanks to a very Specific essence for the brain in the PHYLAK Spagyric range, Echinacea pallida. This combination plays an important part in preparing exams and should be taken a minimum of one month before exams to ensure success.


The plants in this combination complement each other and are carefully selected for their action on problems specific to men. The modern man is over-stressed, he has to produce impressive results in his career; with demands and competition growing everyday, he has to be a winner. On the domestic front, he is expected to take part in the daily chores and to share the care for his children. All this is additionally stressful. A growing number of still young men begin to suffer from difficult digestion, cardiovascular problems, nervous or sexual breakdowns, all largely worsened by stress. Men trying to stop smoking or wanting to reduce their intake of alcoholic beverages will also benefit from it, since this formula gives strength and motivation to go on to the goal. This unique combination will help the modern man to cope better with his stressful life. It contains essences like Blue Flag, for many digestion problems, the energy providing essence of Siberian Ginseng and Common Oats, included here for its soothing effect on stressed nerves and said to be aphrodisiac.

Nerves, depression, sleeping disorders

Moderate to severe cases of depression are becoming more and more frequent in our modern societies, where pressure is high on all fronts. Stress leads to many other ailments and promotes premature ageing. Overtired nerves lead to restless sleep and even insomnia. Adults are not the only sufferers from these conditions, an alarming number of children and teenagers experience the same problems. Spagyric is quite safe to use in all ages and our combination provides a good alternative to psychoactive drugs leading to addiction. St John’s Wort is the major antidepressant essence in this formula; studies have shown it to be as effective as allopathic drugs. Lemon Balm is a tranquilising essence, a nerve tonic, which eliminates fears for the present and the future and helps overcoming frustration and disgust of life. The Spagyric essence of Juniper soothes irritated nerves and relieves anxiety, insomnia and stress.

Rheumatism, joint pains, inflammation

Cardiospermum, the major vegetal anti-inflammatory essence in this combination works in synergy with English Yew, a remedy for rheumatoid pains (arthritis), which is especially effective for chronic pains; furthermore it assists in evacuating toxic products and acidic waste that can worsen joint pains. Both essences are complemented by Arnica, the chief painkiller in herbal medicine. This combination is a suitable alternative to allopathic anti-inflammatory drugs know as NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) as there are shortcomings and hazards when using these drugs, in particular stomach problems or even ulcers. Recently, another side effect related to the prolonged use of the anti-inflammatory agents of the coxibes chemical class was brought forward, leading to the withdrawal from the market of one of these drugs. Our Spagyric formula provides pain relief in case of many ailments: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, back pain and sciatica. It also eases the pain associated to fibromyalgia (deep muscular aching).

Skin ailments

Skin ailments, though minor in comparison with other health issues, are excessively disagreeable for the sufferer as they are ailments that other people are able to see… In our modern society where appearance plays such an important role, teenagers suffering from acne or people with psoriasis or eczema may become quite depressed. Allopathic medicine provides the treatment of symptoms. Spagyric goes a step further and treats the person as a whole, ensuring for instance a good intestinal function, so essential in case of skin problems. In this combination, it is the Spagyric essence of Okoubaka, which assists clearing up skin aliments: basically it is a remedy for bowel, but a healthy bowel function essential to cure skin ailments (connection skin-lungs-bowel in traditional Chinese medicine). Furthermore, Spagyric medicine acts on the emotional level and allows people getting rid of depressive thoughts related to their looks. Okoubaka is complemented in its action, among other plants, by Birch, a very important blood purifying essence. Pansy, a plant for all skin problems, thanks to its soothing effect (eczema and other skin rashes) and Common Mallow, an anti-inflammatory remedy providing cell renewal at the same time are included as well. This combination should be taken for a minimum of 2 months, and may be renewed at will. It is also possible to put it directly on the spots (acne) or to dilute in a suitable cream base and apply it on other skin diseases.

Stop smoking

More and more people realise that smoke is very harmful to health, but find it very difficult to quit this habit. Our Spagyric combination detoxifies the body with essences such as Okoubaka a tonic for the intestine and Thoroughwort, which promotes good liver function. Common Oats, which soothes and strengthens the nerves, is of major importance in this formula, as the person may become nervous without his/her nicotine daily dose. Furthermore, this unique Spagyric combination provides a strong motivation to quit smoking through its action on the emotional level, specific to Spagyric essences. Once the person has stopped smoking, it is advisable to use for a while our DETOX formula, to ensure a complete clearing up of all poisons brought by years of smoke intoxication. Furthermore, a person following a stop-smoking program tends to eat more and may gain a few kilos in the course of action, thus the DETOX, SLIMMING treatment will assist the whole process.

Women problems, hormonal balance, menopause

Many women experience cycle perturbations, PMS, or heavy/painful periods. During menopause, hot flushes, sleep disturbances and vaginal dryness are, similarly to problems experienced by younger women, mainly due to hormonal imbalances. Our Spagyric combination may be used by women of all ages, as Spagyric essences do not act by providing supplementary hormones, but help regularizing and maintaining hormonal balance. They help the body find back its own equilibrium. The principal essence is Wild Yam, which in its Spagyric form is a specific hormonal regulator; aside its soothing effect on periods pains, it enhances calcium and magnesium absorption (osteoporosis) and is good for skin, wrinkles and hair loss. Yarrow is another important essence in this combination, ensuring a good liver function, so important in all problems related to hormonal imbalances. Common Oats strengthens and calms the nerves, very stressed in the PMS condition; this plant is also rich in minerals and fights tiredness. Among other plants complementing the ones cited before, there is the Chaste Tree Berry, useful for women in all stages of their lives: this essence is a hormonal regulator, it normalises periods, helps in case of night sweats and hot flushes; it fights fatigue, anxiety and other similar psychological symptoms; it reduces breast tenderness, bloating, vaginal dryness and atrophy, and helps restoring libido.


Each of these combinations have been carefully designed to soothe many everyday health disorders and that owing to the absence of toxicity of the Spagyric essence, they provide high quality alternative or complementary treatments for the alleviation of disagreeable symptoms, thus easing the life of many people.