Energic Healing

For modern physics, energy, according to Einstein is
E = mc2 [m = mass, c = speed of light].

Then again, the unifying principle behind alternative medicine is that some vital force is responsible for infusing organisms with the property of life; this vital force is called the bioenergetic field.

Thousands of years ago our ancestors understood intuitively the idea of energy for healing. This healing energy, combining the energy of breathing and the energy coming from nutrition, called CHI by the Chinese, KI by the Japanese and PRANA by the Hindus, is the source of life that is often associated with soul, spirit and mind.

In ancient times the soul was identified with breath, which the Hebrews called RUACH, the Greeks PSYCHE or PNEUMA (the breath of the gods), and the Romans SPIRITUS. Hence the origin of words like “psychic” and “spirit”.

Ancient teachings said that the energy was of divine origin. Many people nowadays still believe in the influence of guardian angels and feel their own angel’s protecting hand guiding them in their life journeys. Prayers gather this protective energy and fill us with security and safety, peace of mind, self-confidence, the capacity to give and to receive unconditional love.

Spirit and body are expected to interact at some point.

Descartes, a famous 17th century French mathematician, scientist and philosopher thought the site of this interaction was in the pineal gland of the brain. Other scientists sought evidence for the substance of spirit; Newton, after publishing his laws of mechanics, optics, and gravity, spent many years looking for the living force in alchemic experiments.

Further research postulated that the “psychic force” responsible for the mysterious powers of the mind was connected with electromagnetic waves and by the beginning of the 20th century, with the discovery of quantum mechanics laws, electromagnetic signals were recognized as being carried by material particles, the photons.

Thus, spiritual healing may be related to the belief that we are in sync with Mother Nature and part of the natural harmonious energy of the universe. Within this universal energy field is a human energy field intimately involved with human life, the aura, which has been shown by Kirlian photography. In 1939, the Russian scientist Kirlian discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to an electric field, an image, like a coloured halo, is created on the plate. This image is said to be a physical manifestation of the spiritual aura or “life force” which surrounds each living thing. On such images, Spagyric essences have shown their healing potential, for example gaps in the aura of a person may be filled after taking the appropriate Spagyric essences. Yet, a lot of research needs to be done, as we have to recognise humbly that our knowledge in this area of physics is still at its infancy.

Spiritual healing can be brought about by the proper adjustment of a person’s “bioenergetic fields”, as we are all part of the natural harmonious energy of the universe. Bioenergetic medicine is the study of human and bodies as dynamic electromagnetic fields existing in an electromagnetic environment.

Based on Einstein’s theories of quantum physics, these energetic concepts are being integrated into medicine for a comprehensive approach, as the human being is a whole individual, body and soul together.

Allopathic medicine focuses on relieving symptoms by material doses, but Spagyric essences go a step further; they have the ability to bring about changes in the person in a very gentle and supportive way, much like spiritual healing itself. They work at root level on the underlying cause of the physical, emotional or mental problem, bringing clarity, insight and a deep understanding of the self.

For example, they help mend a broken heart or digest emotional challenges, and even open up a person for change.

Though a cancer journey is one of the most difficult ordeals that a person may have to go through, summoning positive energies is a coping mechanism helping people to manage emotionally treatment and life after a diagnosis of cancer. There are specific Spagyric essences that assist in this case.

Other essences permit also emotional adjustment to a variety of situations as we progress on our life path. They may also teach to forgive, they restore harmony between people and help overcoming hindrances or dealing with past regrets or psychic traumas…

Some examples of energy healing with Spagyric essences are given in the following chart:

AES It disposes the old baggage and helps the body re-align to good health. AES is a powerful deprogrammer for dealing with the negative past, back into childhood, causing emotional, physical programming. It gently dilutes fears, helps us to move forward and makes us more conscious.
AMEN Protection during an operation.
AMOUR Harmony in the couple and / or the family.
AMT Emancipation, liberation, major change, to fly as a free bird to one’s goal, to turn a new page.
ARA Balance between logic and intuition.
CITROENS Protection from negative energy.
DAMAL Liberation of femininity in man.
DHEAA Alleviation of hormonal influence on psyche and body.
DHS Peaceful dialogue between father and son.
DOUCE Elimination of aggressiveness inside us that is polluting us from outside.
ICM To let go. To cut the umbilical cord. To accept the reality of life in spite of all the suffering.
JA To learn to be positive. To be able to say YES.
JAIME To love oneself and others.
JEUNE Physical and psychic detoxification while fasting.
JOB For better work prospects, interviews, need of orientation.
MARIA Security, confidence and memorisation.
MUER Major change in life, moving.
OES:1-3 Detoxification : physical, emotional, physic
RAMA Harmony, protection and equilibrium at the start of a new venture, project.
SRV Fear of having cancer.
SUR Security, support, confidence, truth.
TAJ Confidence, mental preparation for exams.
TCM Following rape / incest.
TRAUER Bereavement, suffering, sorrow.
TRICYAN Opening up, to improve communication, for harmonious atmosphere in the in the family at home, at work and between friends. Good mood.
TUV Interior peace, compassion.
UVSAMMA Protection of the aura.
UVSROIS Physical / Emotional protection.

Interested practitioners can order a tests set of all 83 single essences and 3 PHYLAK standard combinations.

This set is mostly useful to therapists working with bio resonance techniques (dowsing).

Essences in these vials are not intended for the treatment of human beings or animals.

Spagyric Test Set

Spagyric Test Set