What is Spagyric Medicine

Spagyric medicine is a natural method of health care based on medicinal plants. The word “Spagyric” refers to the separation, purification and recombination process during which an essence is produced. Any dangerous components are entirely eliminated during manufacture. Spagyric essences are totally harmless, with no known side effects and do not interfere with any other treatments that the patient might be taking simultaneously.

The method of preparation gives the essences an energetic dimension similar to homeopathy. The major difference between homeopathy and Spagyric is that the preparation process of both remedies is different. Homeopathy enhances the potential of the remedy by successive dilutions and vigorous shaking; in Spagyric the strength of the remedy is increased though the specific preparation process, and not by dilutions.

The manufacturing process of Spagyric essences is thus very unique and involves

  • Fermentation of the plant material, inducing a transformation of some components of the plant.
  • Distillation after fermentation, during which natural alcohol, volatile compounds and essential oils are collected.
  • Burning of the residue of distillation at a high temperature to allow the recovery of minerals and trace elements of the plant
  • Finally, the salts are dissolved in the distillate and the resulting Spagyric essence undergoes a process of maturation.

Spagyric essences contain

  • Organic compounds of low molecular substances (organic chemistry)
  • Mineral salts and oligo elements (inorganic chemistry), components of the organism representing between 4-5% of the human body weight. Mineral salts are essential to its proper operation, for example they ensure normal growth and maintenance of bones and teeth, blood clotting and muscular contraction. Trace elements can only be found in very small quantities in the organism; they take part in numerous metabolic reactions, acting as catalysts. For example Zinc plays a vital role in the activities of more than 100 enzymes; it is essential to the development of reproductive organs, the working of the prostate and the healing of wounds and burns. Most plants used to produce Spagyric essences are very rich in minerals that are very well absorbed by the body . From 10 kg of dry plants, we extract 1 kg of mineral salts. From 1 kg of dry plants, we produce 10 litres of a Spagyric essence. You can immagine the amount of minerals in 100 ml bottle !
  • The energy or information of the plant (physics).

Another way of formulating the specificity of the Spagyric essences is that they combine harmoniously herbal therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy and trace elements in a holistic therapy.

Note: All Spagyric essences from Phylak Laboratories are made from plant materials. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. There is no animal testing. All plants originate from controlled organic growing. The plants are subjected to rigorous screening before they are released for further processing. They are securely scrutinized for pollutants, such as herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals.

PHYLAK Spagyric essences are produced by PHYLAK Sachsen Laboratories in Germany and Switzerland.